Spinner's End

8 Apr 2014


doctor who meme | one doctor

Tenth Doctor

7 Apr 2014


Poison sky: great episode.


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3 Mar 2014

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28 Feb 2014


#this dialogue was like watching steven moffat give himself a blow job

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25 Feb 2014

17 Feb 2014

11 Feb 2014

9 Feb 2014




There’s a difference between a female character who exists in a story and has a romantic relationship with a male character versus a female character who exists in a story to have a romantic relationship with a male character

rose tyler vs river song

31 Dec 2013


The most interesting thing here stems from the fact that River doesn’t know Donna or have any personal vested interest in her and yet she looks at her with such emotion.  Donna doesn’t die traveling with The Doctor as the audience suspects in this moment.  She forgets.

River has seen a lot of horrible things and isn’t one to be easily moved, but you can see how just the mention of Donna’s name completely affects her. The look on her face reflects the pain of what The Doctor told her about Donna.  We are seeing a reflection of how much and how deeply what happened to Donna affected The Doctor long after she was gone. 

brb heart broken

10 Dec 2013

8 Dec 2013

friendship otp

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3 Dec 2013


I loved the face so much I made reaction gifs, so have fun.

Last of the Nope Lords

30 Nov 2013

b r i l l i a n t.

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25 Nov 2013

Re: Day of the Doctor.

While it was an absolute delight to watch Matt Smith and David Tennant act together as the same character, like seriously it was the best… 

…as is typical of anything Steven Moffat touches, I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Spoilers under the cut, but please read because I need somebody to reassure me right now that everything is going to be okay.

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23 Nov 2013


Enrichment win.

This.  Is the absolute best.
And I wish I had the time to do this for my lions.
(Though I have definitely done Doctor Who- and Harry Potter-themed chalk drawings for rhino enrichment…)