Spinner's End

9 Jul 2014

8 Jul 2014

“And I don’t have a weird thing with Simon Snow," Cath said. "I’m just really active in the fandom."
“What the fuck is ‘the fandom’?”
“You wouldn’t understand.”
Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

8 Jul 2014

7 Jul 2014


OK so I read spoilers before I saw it (I KNOW I KNOW) so I knew what the ~*twist*~ was going to be, but honestly, even if I hadn’t known I think I would have figured it out pretty quickly.  But when I think about it, the ~*twist*~ was probably one of the least important parts of the movie…?  I mean of course it’s major and casts some heavy implications over the whole train world but there’s just so much else going on, I just.  I.  ACK.

Loved: The Concept (“e’erbody in the world gettin’ tipsy on a train”).  Tilda Swinton.  The different environments in the different cars, and the train setting overall and how that affected what the characters could do and where the movie could go (night vision and torches, the part where the train turned to face itself with the shooting, the aquarium, NIGHT VISION AND TORCHES).  Minsoo and Yona.  Octavia Spencer.  Tilda Swinton.  The whole scene in the classroom (I snort-laughed during the song).  The complete lack of a romantic storyline.  The harsh yet still somewhat ambiguous ending.  Tilda FRAKKING Swinton a.k.a. the new queen of my awkwardly hilarious nightmares.

Didn’t Love So Much: Very low plausibility, quite a few plot holes — the whole thing sort of starts unraveling when you start asking too many questions.  Awkward retrospective monologuing.  Loved the characters, but felt like we didn’t actually get to know them very well?  Especially Curtis and Mason, what I wouldn’t give for a bit of backstory!

I just saw it a few hours ago and am still processing NOW TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS I MUST KNOW THEM

7 Jul 2014

Curtis, everyone has their preordain position, and everyone is in their place except you.

7 Jul 2014

6 Jul 2014

it’s about a thousand and four degrees outside right now

about to see The WINTER’S Tale

Shakespeare is literary devicing us from beyond the grave right now and I gotta say I’m a little impressed

5 Jul 2014


Ginger Animal of the Week

Caracal / Desert Lynx (Caracal caracal)

Photos  |   [1] Caracal by Sandra Metzbauer  |  [2] by Annafur  |  [3]  Tiny little kitten by Andreas Jansrud

4 Jul 2014

50% partial on ebay
including shipping, less than the price of a standard LE

also note to self stop buying perfume you idiot no no it’s fine I got holiday pay today no it is not fine

but also

4 Jul 2014

3 Jul 2014

3 Jul 2014

3 Jul 2014


Synonyms are weird because if you invite someone to your cottage in the forest that just sounds nice and cozy, but if I invite you to my cabin in the woods you’re going to die.

3 Jul 2014


Really Plushie???

Healthwise this just seems insane.

I’d like to see how far he get’s with it though.

He wants to get that 3rd Olympics gold to make history, which he will be aiming to get with the team competiton.

As much as I appreciate what he has done for the sport, if there are no Russian male skaters between now and 2018 who can make sure he’s not on the team…. -_- I’d be very very dissapointed indeed.

(cue exuberantly deranged cackle-laugh)

30 Jun 2014


a moment of silence for all the kids on the hogwarts express who wanted to buy something off the trolley but couldn’t because some 11 year old bought literally everything

a magical trolley witch selling magical treats aboard a magical train full of magical children traveling from a magical platform to a magical school

but no you’re right, when the candy runs out there’s probably no way to restock I guess